Bounce Vertical Leap Program

Blow your opponents away with stronger rebounding, shooting, blocking, spiking, punching, tapping, marking, heading, catching, intercepting, throwing and air time.  An increased vertical leap is paramount for competitive performance - to propel oneself to a greater height provides a incomparable advantage.

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Whilst some people have natural ability, jumping higher is a skill that can be learnt and improved. Training muscle power, along with speed and motor coordination, will produce exceptional improvements in your vertical leap.

"After only 5 weeks I blew all my coaches away at the national training camp with an increase of 12cm in my jump height. They were very impressed."

Tenille, Volleyballer

Training Power and Skill Together

Utilising Whole Body Vibration and the latest research on human performance the Bounce Vertical Leap Program can take you to new heights.  Whole Body Vibration is providing the most efficient and effective method of gaining muscle strength utilising the body's inbuilt systems.

Good vertical leap also requires skill, and our specialised training program teaches proper motor control and muscle coordination. So at the same time as strength is being gained, so too is power and skill.

"My dance coach said that my jump height was letting me down. 10 sessions of the Bounce Vertical Leap Program and she says I am dancing better than she has ever seen."

Rowena, Scottish Highland Dancing

Highly Effective

Gains of twenty percent in vertical leap height have been achieved by participants in our program. 

"Galileo WBV was recommended by my physio to help increase leg strength for my knees. The great thing with it was that I was able to increase power, speed and strength and my knee pain is gone"

John, Touch Rugby

"After having knee pain from training I have been trying to get stronger and be able to jump higher. Galileo helped me in only 5 weeks to eliminate the knee pain AND I increased my jump height by 15%."

Jake, Basketball

Out Jump your Opponents with our Special WBV Exercise Program!

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